I’ve followed ‘Maatibani’ for a long time now and absolutely love their video and music production!

Here’s a brand new duet with Nirali Karthik and Komal Rizvi on vocals and a whole host of musicians from different regions coming together on a funky, original track with a beautiful meaning :)

Check out their YouTube channel for more fantastic music and videos <3

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… until Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2!


Brand: Duro Olowu

Designer: Duro Olowu

Spring 2015 RTW Collection



I loved this recent article on boxer, Ambreen Sadiq. Not only has she fought and won numerous fights in the ring but she’s fought through the prejudice that some of her family members have about her profession. 

After appearing in the local newspapers and a Channel 4 documentary about her journey, Ambreen faced criticism and even death threats from men and women in the Muslim community. But she says that it isn’t the religion that causes the problem… 

“A lot of Muslim people say it’s about religion,” she says. “But I think it’s more about the culture and how people have been brought up. Men and women are treated equally [in the religion]. In the culture, it’s like the women should be at home cooking tea. The men put the food on the table.”

Now Ambreen’s story has been transformed into a play that is featuring at Edinburgh Festival - ‘No Guts, No Heart, No Glory’ check out the trailer here:

“It’s great that I can get my story out there,” says Sadiq. She wants to spread the message that Muslim girls can do whatever they want – whether dance, ballet, boxing, or football. “I think girls should be doing anything they want to be doing,” she insists.

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mccoydarling: Please talk forever about Helen and ancient greek you are so enpoint


in the iliad helen speaks the last lament for hector. the only man in troy who showed her kindness is slain—and now, helen says, πάντες δέ με πεφρίκασιν, all men shudder at me. she doesn’t speak in the iliiad again.

homer isn’t cruel to helen; her story is cruel enough. in the conjectured era of the trojan war, women are mothers by twelve, grandmothers by twenty-four, and buried by thirty. the lineage of mycenaean families passes through daughters: royal women are kingmakers, and command a little power, but they are bartered like jewels (the iliad speaks again and again of helen and all her wealth). helen is the most beautiful woman in the world, golden with kharis, the seductive grace that arouses desire. she is coveted by men beyond all reason. after she is seized by paris and compelled by aphrodite to love him against her will—in other writings of the myth, she loves him freely—she is never out of danger.

the helen of the iliad is clever and powerful and capricious and kind and melancholy: full of fury toward paris and aphrodite, longing for sparta and its women, fear for her own life. she condemns herself before others can. in book vi, as war blazes and roars below them, helen tells hector, on us the gods have set an evil destiny: that we should be a singer’s theme for generations to come—as if she knows that, in the centuries after, men will rarely write of paris’ vanity and hubris and lust, his violation of the sacred guest-pact, his refusal to relent and avoid war with the achaeans. instead they’ll write and paint the beautiful, perfidious, ruinous woman whose hands are red with the blood of men, and call her not queen of sparta but helen of troy: a forced marriage to the city that desired and hated her. she is an eidolon made of want and rapture and dread and resentment.

homer doesn’t condemn helen—and in the odyssey she’s seen reconciled with menelaus. she’s worshipped in sparta as a symbol of sexual power for centuries, until the end of roman rule: pausanias writes that pilgrims come to see the remains of her birth-egg, hung from the roof of a temple in the spartan acropolis; spartan girls dance and sing songs praising one another’s beauty and strength as part of rites of passage, leading them from parthenos to nýmphē, virgin to bride. cults of helen appear across greece, italy, turkey—as far as palestine—celebrating her shining beauty; they sacrifice to her as if she were a goddess. much of this is quickly forgotten. 

every age finds new words to hate helen, but they are old ways of hating: deceiver and scandal and insatiate whore. she is euripides’ bitchwhore and hesiod’s kalon kakon (“beautiful evil”) and clement of alexandria’s adulterous beauty and whore and shakespeare’s strumpet and proctor’s trull and flurt of whoredom and schiller’s pricktease and levin’s adulterous witch. her lusts damned a golden world to die, they say. pandora’s box lies between a woman’s thighs. helen is a symbol of how men’s desire for women becomes the evidence by which women are condemned, abused, reviled.  

but no cage of words can hold her fast. she is elusive; she yields nothing. she has outlasted civilisations, and is beautiful still. before troy is ash and ruin she has already heard all the slander of the centuries; and at last she turns her face away—as if to say: i am not for you


in Missouri, one of the most restrictive abortion laws IN THE COUNTRY just passed into law

Gov Nixon’s (D) previous veto of the bill, HB1307, was overridden by the Republican Senate and House late tonight, despite rallies at the Capitol against the bill

HB1307 forces women/anyone looking for an abortion to wait THREE extra days after initial conference with doctor, which, given that missouri only has ONE abortion provider, makes an already expensive procedure even more so. it overwhelmingly targets black women in cities and poor white women in rural areas.

oh, and for the cherry on top: the Republican House & Senate also overrode the Gov’s veto on teachers carrying guns! come one, call all to public school in Missouri.

today is not a good day to be a Missourian.



"dick is abundant and low value" i am screaming




See the full footage here: Winston (kitty) takes care of Zeke (puppy) 

"Zeke just got home from the vet — being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him"

A cats purr vibrates at a frequency that promotes bone health and aids in healing. So the kitty is probably trying to purr him better.



has it ever occurred to you that you could change your life right this second if you really wanted to?  you could stand up and yell at your teacher if you wanted to, you could place yourself in a life or death situation if you wanted, you could even take that risk and just spontaneously and passionately kiss the one you really love by surprise.  you could change the entire outcome of our lives, and if our lives are really as bad as we say they are, why won’t we take those chances.

When people say things like this, it makes me think they’re completely misunderstanding how life works. You don’t have to have do stuff like this in order to have a fulfilling life. Sitting at home reading a good book with a cat on your lap can be just as fulfilling as anything else if it’s something you want to do. You can find excitement by having a pillow fight with a friend. You can go on an adventure by taking a weekend to go picnic somewhere you’ve never been before. There’s choices! But people ignore them because there’s this illusion that life has to be dramatic and fraught to be worthwhile. To which I cry a loud and hearty bullshit.

Yeah, you could do wild and unexpected things, but the question is what would you gain? What would it cost? Consequences? People don’t live their lives quietly because they’re sheep just plodding along. Sometimes the path less taken is less taken because it cuts through a swamp filled with deadly snakes and then dead ends at a cliff.

If any of us thought that anything worthwhile could come from spitting into the wind, don’t you think we’d do it? Yell at your teacher… and be escorted to the principal’s office or, if you’re in college, off campus. Watch doors close to you.. Randomly kiss your SO! That’s great! Or maybe you meant kiss someone you’re not dating but who you have feelings for, which would probably ruin any friendship you have with them (because that’s sexual assault just fyi). Needlessly find a dangerous situation to put yourself in for… IDK even why you would do that. Don’t do that.

A life well-lived isn’t about dramatic changes and reasonless risks. It’s about taking what you have and making the most of it as best as you can. About trying to appreciate what you’ve got. And if you’re truly unhappy with an aspect of your life, you can change that without throwing everything else away. You can chase your goals without giving up your day job.

We can’t all slay dragons, and even if we could, not all of us should. Life is too precious to devalue it because what you have doesn’t conform to some dramatic ideal. Live what you’ve got and stop pining for some dream made out of spun sugar and narrativium. Trust me, you’ll be happier that way.

Sometimes the path less taken is less taken because it cuts through a swamp filled with deadly snakes and then dead ends at a cliff.